Sell at TFL

Are you interested to sell your products at our shop?

We at The Flower Library are always looking for unique products, from vases, pots, greeting cards to bookmarks and candles .. you name it! So we are offering the talented designers a chance to sell their products in our shop.


We have three different selling plans for you to choose from. However, the final decision on which plan to go for will be take by our management and finance departments.

Wholesale Plan

This plan is simple. We buy your products at wholesale price, and then resell it for a retail price that suits our market.

Consignment Plan

This is the most common plan, in which you display your items at our shop, and once they are sold we will split the profit: 30% for us and the rest 70% is all yours.

Rent a Space

Here you pay a rent for a space at our shop, something as small as a shelf or as big as a room. And the entire profit of what you sell goes to you.